Monday, 14 May 2007

The True Meaning of Life - Apotheosis

I write "Apotheosis" in the title with a certain purpouse.

It is, in my always humble oppinion, the true meaning of life.
The highest point of glory, power or importance; the best or most glorious example of something; the transformation of a human being into a deity.

Morpheus said it in The Matrix, and he meant it: "Free your mind."
Look further, look beyond. Expand your perspectives.

If there is anything I have found in science, it is this.
If there anything quantum mechanics have taught me, that would be it.

It sure seems as though, until proven otherwise, that quantum mechanics are at the foundation of pretty much everything. Matter, Energy, Gravity, Strings.... Life.
So if something that powerfull is sending a message, trying to teach you a lesson, one should listen.

Ascendedly yours,

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