Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The True Meaning of Life.

Ah yes, one of the easy questions.

Before we dive into this rather trivial matter, I would like to take a moment and go through some preliminary steps.
This is done to assure that everyone is on the same level.
We are, of course and as always, involving quantum mechanics.
I will quote a sentence here that I have read somewhere else, I take no credit for it, I just can't phrase it any better myself.

"Everyone who is confronted with Quantum Mechanical Phenomena and is not truly baffled by it, doesn't really understand the true implications."

Before we look at what I bring today, I just want to answer some recurring questions:
Yes, I do have naked pictures of myself. Yes, you may see them.
There is one restriction, though. If you ask, I won't show you.

There, that being said. Take a look at this short segment:

Catch you on the flipside!


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