Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The True Meaning of Life - Part 2

Well, what did you think of that last video?
Quite amazing isn't it?

Allow me to bake your noodle a bit further.
This next little video is not so much scientifically founded, but is never-the-less quite worth your time. Enjoy the (hopefully) new insight!

Exploring 10 Dimensions

Catch you on the flipside (with me alternate 5-dimensional self, obviously)


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Michael said...

I think he is folding the dimensions too fast there. I only can count to 7 where he is at 10 already.

His 5th and 6th dimensions must be consolidated into 1, and his 7th and 8th into another.

After all, the number of dimensions is defined by the coordinates I need to describe where I am.


Dimension 0: A point (No coordinate).

1st: A line (1 coordinate: length).

2nd: An area (2 coordinates: length, width).

3rd: Space (3 coordinates: length, width, height).

4th: Spacetime (4th coordinate: duration).

5th: Multiple spacetime threads of possibilities expanding since our big bang (5th coordinate: the "thread" where I am).

Here the movie inserts the 6th dimension for the mere purpose of being able to "fold" the 5th. But the 6th dimension is already the one with the multiple Big Bangs, in my opinion:

6th: Multiple big bangs each expanding their own spacetime threads (6th coordinate: the big bang where I originate from).

7th: ???. Here I am where the movie is already in its 10th. This one is now hard to imagine, probably as some hyperspace where all the big bangs take place, but this is now beyond the things that this animation shows.

The super string theory demands 10 dimensions I think. And maybe there are even more dimensions even more unimaginable then where the super strings do not exist. ;-)